We partnered with KIT Theatre to create a Neverland learning adventure around our high-flying pantomime Peter Pan, on our stage from 19 December.

KIT Theatre produces immersive theatre adventures through interactive stories which combine immersive theatre, games and learning along the way.

We had a group of young pupils from different Hippodrome Education Network (HEN) schools, like Greenholm Primary School, to visit Birmingham Hippodrome. Whilst they were here they did a tour of the building where actors and clues helped them along their adventures. Through immersive storytelling, children were left with a mission to take back to school before returning back to the theatre in January to complete the mission ahead of seeing the pantomime. The children would have to use their imagination to create a beautiful piece of artwork that could remind adults about the importance of creativity.

Our Hippodrome Education Network is a collection of primary schools, secondary schools and colleges that we work with in the local area. Through this partnership, we provide tickets to our fantastic shows with related creative learning workshops, both in our theatre and offsite, alongside performance opportunities.