We are very sorry to advise that Matt Slack has tested positive for Covid-19 and is unable to appear in Goldilocks and the Three Bears until he completes a period of isolation. This currently affects performances up to and including at least Thurs 30 Dec.

Until then, the part of Ringo The Ringmaster will be played by award-winning comedian and actor Johnny Mac, who will join Jason Donovan and the rest of the Goldilocks cast, having just completed a critically acclaimed pantomime season at the King’s Theatre in Glasgow.

Affected show dates are:

Mon 27 Dec, 2.30pm
Mon 27 Dec, 7.15pm
Tue 28 Dec, 2.30pm
Tue 28 Dec, 7.15pm
Wed 29 Dec. 2.30pm
Wed 29 Dec, 7.15pm
Thu 30 Dec, 2.30pm
Thu 30 Dec, 7.15pm
Fri 31 Dec, 1:00pm
Fri 31 Dec, 5:15pm

Tickets remain valid and we cannot wait to welcome you to Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

We want to thank our audiences for their continued support and understanding.