Led by industry professionals and inspired by both popular classics and contemporary musicals, Birmingham Hippodrome’s Musicals Youth Theatre (MYT) develops skills in singing, dancing and acting.

Inclusive and open to all abilities, the two groups: Juniors (ages 7-11) and Seniors (ages 12-16) meet every Saturday to enhance their drama skills in the autumn term before working towards public performances in our Patrick Studio the following summer.

15-year-old Tyler is part of the Senior Group and joined Musicals Youth Theatre in 2022, he is studying for his GCSE in Drama.  Tyler performed in Timothy Knapman and Stuart Matthew Price’s new musical, Imaginary as part of Musicals Youth Theatre’s Senior Group performance in 2023.

“My teacher recommended Musicals Youth Theatre as our school is part of the Hippodrome Education Network, and I said: ‘Yes! I have to do this!’. I joined with two people from my school and so I knew a couple of people on my first day, but since joining MYT I’ve met lots of new people and made new friends.

“In the autumn term we learn scripts, songs and dances from different musicals, which is great as we get to work on our performance skills. I’ve really improved my choreography and vocal skills – my confidence has grown. It’s also been good to be part of a team.”

Staged in the Patrick Studio, Imaginary told an inspiring story about the wonder of childhood, the power of imagination and what it means to grow up.

Imaginary was my first performance with Musicals Youth Theatre and so I didn’t really know what to expect but the whole experience was great.

“The audition was a bit nerve-wracking as I had never auditioned for a part before, but it went well!

“Throughout rehearsals I worked on my singing; we practiced different vocal warmups and took part in sessions that really helped boost my confidence.

“We rehearsed Imaginary in Dance Hub (within Birmingham Hippodrome) and had a dress rehearsal in the Patrick Studio, which really helped with the live performances. It was great seeing everything come together for the first time.

Imaginary was brilliant. I’d never performed in a production of that scale with professional staging before. We performed the show for two nights, and I had some of my family in the audience cheering me on. It was fantastic and I can’t wait to do it all again this year!”

Reflecting on his time at Musicals Youth Theatre, Tyler is eager to continue acting and has great advice for anyone looking to start Musicals Youth Theatre.

“I want to continue studying drama at school as I really want a career in the arts. I’ll definitely stay at Musicals Youth Theatre as long as I can to get more experience!

“I would recommend MYT to people who want to build their confidence as it’s a good way to get out of your comfort zone and build all those skills you need when performing. You get to be a part of a team where you can learn together and be yourself.”

Musicals Youth Theatre participant, 11-year-old Lily has also performed on the Patrick Studio stage; she moved up to our Senior Group last September.

“I’ve been a part of Musicals Youth Theatre for a few years as I really enjoy dancing. Alice, our dance practitioner, is a really good choreographer; her dance routines are great and she helps us improve our technique by coaching us through everything. Since joining I can dance better, project my voice more and I’m more confident.

“I took part in Imaginary’s Curtain Raiser performance ahead of joining the Senior group. It was way better than if I performed in my school hall! The lighting looked really cool and the staging was great.

“Musicals Youth Theatre is for anyone who enjoys theatre or wants to try something new and it’s a great activity to do at the weekend. It’s also for people who want to make more friends because everyone’s friends at MYT!

“Looking into the future, I’d like to perform on a larger stage with a bigger audience as that would give me even more confidence.”

For more on Musicals Youth Theatre visit our website here.