Waswasa – Whispers in Prayer has been captivating audiences since opening last week. See what Birmingham has to say about this new immersive theatrical experience…

“The performance is full of emotion…I was captivated”Small House Big Trips

“Absolutely incredible…this was hypnotic at points and engaging throughout” I Choose Birmingham

“Waswasa – Whispers in Prayer is a feat in artistry and creativity…an insightful show that’s arrived at the right time”Theatre Full Stop

“Waswasa is more than just a theatrical experience. Ambient soundscapes, cinematic lighting, excellent cinematography, immersive acting, important history, the show has it all.”Birmingham Live

“It is a powerful theatrical piece”Behind the Arras

“While the piece is specific to Muslim prayer, much of its reflection could apply to anyone from any faith, or no faith, attempting to find space for prayer, meditation or even stillness in today’s busy world” – Weekend Notes

A meditative theatre experience that explores the need for reflection + refuge in our hectic lives” – Ruth Millington

“I chuckled, I was moved and I learned a lot about Muslim prayer. Go see!” – Roz Lawes

Waswasa – Whispers in Prayer runs until Saturday 3 September, book your tickets here.