Earlier this week we invited Birmingham media and audiences to Titanic the Musical which is currently celebrating it’s 10th anniversary. .

Have a read some of the reviews below…

Behind The Arras ★★★★ ½

“an emotive, powerful and dramatic musical which is marked by impressive singing with a simply glorious and soaring chorus.”

Birmingham Live ★★★★

“A masterful and thought-provoking piece of theatre that tells the story of the Titanic through an amalgamation of devastating love stories. This epic show serves to keep their stories alive.”

Birmingham World

“The music and singing swells through the theatres with passion and drama – with many memorable moments as the characters behind the tragedy unfold.”

Black Country Radio

“Every member of the cast deserves their own standing ovation – they take an amazingly difficult subject matter, which is still unbelievably raw, and deal with it with respect whilst still delivering an outstanding performance.”

“One of the most impressive aspects of this show is the set, lighting design, and costumes – evoking the upper decks of high society, and the engine room of the gigantic craft on an impressive scale.”

Amanda Chalmers

“Much like the ship, this is a bold and beautiful creation.”

Enjoy Things ★★★

“Titanic the Musical is grand, lavish and impressive.”

I Am Birmingham ★★★★

“an exhilarating combination of drama, music, dance, history…”

Midlands Art Magazine ★★★★

“A first-class journey”

North West End ★★★★

“The singing is exquisite and, though some of the songs are far from memorable, some are spine-tingling.”

The Reviews Hub ★★★★

“Like the ship, this production is epic in scale, big cast, big voices, big music: visually and aurally, it is quite stunning, …”

Weekend Notes

“…a wonderfully atmospheric production. You can’t help but get swept away with the emotion and sentiment of this first-class show.”

Titanic the Musical runs until Sat 22 Apr 2023. Click here for more information and tickets.