There was no chance of rain dampening spirits for Singin’ In The Rain cast members, when they took their umbrellas for a spin at The Mailbox’s colourful new installation.

The cast are currently making a splash at Birmingham Hippodrome, taking audiences on a journey back to the glamour of Hollywood during the roaring 20’s. Featuring Andrew Wright’s high-energy choreography and Simon Higlett’s sumptuous set design (including over 14,000 litres of water on stage every night), Singin’ In The Rain features the glorious MGM score including Good MorningMake ‘em Laugh, Moses Supposes and the legendary Singin’ in the Rain.

We also invited Birmingham media and audiences to Singin’ In The Rain.

Read some of the exuberant reviews below…

Behind The Arras ★★★★★

“This is far more than a mere tribute to a 64 year old film, it is a tremendous, elegant show full of life and fun in its own right – a standing ovation at the end says all you need to know.”

Birmingham World

“It truly was a most joyous interpretation of the wonderful 1952 film starring Gene Kelly.”

Black Country Radio

“Make no bones about it. This is one of the best shows touring the UK at the moment. Period”

Broadway World ★★★★

“It’s a colourful, nostalgic treat that all ages can enjoy, and the rain moments are undeniably magical.”

Bromsgrove Standard ★★★★★

“Colourful Singing in the Rain at Birmingham’s Hippodrome will brighten your year”

Brum Hour ★★★★

“This production is warm, humorous and filled with pure talent”

Bum On A Seat ★★★★★

“An absolute joy, a celebration of showbiz, and pure, unadulterated fun, the show’s message is to enjoy yourself whatever life chucks at you. Sing in that rain!”

Curtain Call Reviews ★★★★★

“Beg, steal or borrow a ticket to see this production. Full of glitz and glamour from a bygone age that really does deliver.”

Fairypowdered Productions ★★★★

“Vibrant costumes, great lighting and wonderful songs such as ‘Good Morning’ and the title song of course had the audience dancing in their seats.”

Small House Big Trips ★★★★★

“Singin’ in the Rain is buckets of fun, full of exceptional talent. You will laugh, swoon and be left wanting more.”

Style Magazine

“From the opening note to the extended standing ovation, this production is nothing but pure joy.”

 Things We Enjoy ★★★★★

“The talent, passion and craftsmanship on display is evident in every swing, tap and note from the off.”

Weekend Notes ★★★★★

“The great Gene Kelly may be long gone but the essence of him in this musical continues. It’s a spectacular, high calibre show that doesn’t disappoint…”

What’s Good to Do

The show was very funny in parts, something that I didn’t expect prior to the show. I particularly liked the ‘slapstick’ scene – “Make’Em Laugh” which was all about Cosmo. He was brilliant – very funny and very clever choreography.”

 What’s On Live

“As entertaining evenings at the theatre go, this one really is raining gold stars. The show has energy and enthusiasm in abundance and provides everything you could wish for in a work of musical theatre.”

 Singin’ In The Rain runs at Birmingham Hippodrome until Sat 11 June 2022, click here for more information and tickets.

Photography by Simon Hadley