Just in time for the build up to Halloween, our Young Ambassador, Holly Beaumont-Wilkes, tells us about her frighteningly good time at Dracula: The Bloody Truth in our Patrick Centre studio a few weeks ago. 

When I saw the trailer for Dracula: The Bloody Truth, I had no clue what to expect. But as I walked into the Patrick Centre and saw the set, I began to get very excited about this production.

The show follows Professor Abraham Van Helsing as he attempts to retell the story of Dracula. It turns out, Van Helsing gave Bram Stoker all of his research notes about a certain vampire and he turned it into fiction. But the events are true – vampires are very real! And Le Navet Bête are here to set the record straight.

Set in 1900, Van Helsing has hired three actors to put on a theatrical performance explaining how you can detect and elude the clutches of the very real and very dangerous Count Dracula. They act out how Van Helsing first encountered the undead fiend and how they chased him across the continent in his attempts to defeat him.

Dracula: The Bloody Truth is physical comedy at its finest! Perfectly timed, a bit absurd and with a couple of musical numbers thrown in as well.

The action moves at breakneck speed with each actor having multiple roles with constant costume changes. Their comedy is quick, intentionally shambolic and an immensely engaging style of storytelling. I have never laughed so hard in a theatre before in my life.

It’s gloriously overacted, completely ridiculous and utterly hilarious. It’s a matter of life and death that you see this production. I certainly hope to see Le Navet Bête back again at Birmingham Hippodrome in the future.