21 years ago, the seed of an idea for an inclusive community dance company founded on the principles of classical ballet and special education was sown. From this seed, Freefall Dance Company, Birmingham Royal Ballet’s genuinely groundbreaking company for talented dancers with learning disabilities, was born.

Over two decades later and as a result of talent, resilience and a sheer passion for dance, the Freefall dancers have created an extensive, diverse repertoire, their own model of school and community engagement, and a suite of dance-for-camera films. All of these elements are testament to so many wonderful people simply going above and beyond!

As part of Freefall’s 21st anniversary celebrations, which include live performances and film showings, you can discover more about this company’s extraordinary story in the exhibition in collaboration with Birmingham Royal Ballet from 13 Nov 2023 to 2 Mar 2024. Explore the Freefall story through photos, film and testimony in various sites across the theatre.

Share your experiences of the exhibition with us on your social media channels, using the hashtag #FreefallAt21.

You can visit the exhibition from 10.30am Mon – Sat, using our Thorp Street entrance.