Born in Nigeria, Huawei award-winning photographer Anthony Shintai Olabayo Amao is a visual artist currently based in Birmingham.

Anthony’s passion for photography and film-making first found expression through his teenage involvement with skateboarding and Hip-Hop. He initially documented his friends’ journeys within these cultures and now he expresses himself and explores his creativity through a visual interpretation of the worldwide Hip-Hop community.

This solo exhibition of Anthony’s work showcases his vibrant images of a variety of Hip-Hop events across Birmingham, London, Denmark, Slovakia and Norway. These include the UK B-Boy Championships, Floor Wars in Denmark, The Real Deal Jam in Norway and a selection of images from Anthony’s Huawei award-winning series Reveal the Real You

Take a look at Anthony’s website here.

This exhibition is part of B-SIDE Hip-Hop Festival (3 – 12 May 2019).