All of us miss sitting inside the theatre, listening to the orchestra warm up and that moment of anticipation when the lights go down. There is no feeling quite like watching a live theatre show.

Although we can’t get that feeling right now, we asked you, our fantastic Birmingham Hippodrome audience, what moment in the theatre gave you the most goosebumps. Whether it’s the power of a huge ensemble number, a tear-jerking finale or a truly magical scene transformation.

We counted up the answers and narrowed down your top five most memorable goosebump moments in the theatre.

5. Defying Gravity in Wicked

There simply isn’t a musical theatre belter like Defying Gravity in Wicked. Ending the first act on a high (quite literally), the moment we see Elphaba fly is unforgettable. Not only the spectacle of the scene, but the power of the number is a theatrical moment like no other.

4. The ending of Blood Brothers

We won’t spoil the ending, but anyone that has seen Blood Brothers will remember the devastating ending. Tell Me It’s Not True is a poignant final number sung by Mrs Johnstone and the cast that rarely leaves a dry eye in the house.

3. Bring Him Home in Les Mis

You’d be hard pressed to get through the whole of Les Mis without a goosebump moment. However, in between all the high-drama and empowering ensemble numbers is Bring Him Home. There is a lot of beauty in the stillness of this song, as Jean Valjean sits on the barricade amongst all young soldiers to sing this moving solo.

2. The Helicopter scene in Miss Saigon

Miss Saigon is full of goosebump moments, but the helicopter scene continues to wow audiences. The production values in this show are breathtaking and the devastating scene is brought to life by the way the helicopter flies across the stage – transporting you right into the heart of the story.

Miss Saigon

1. The opening scene in the Lion King

Taking the top spot, you decided that the opening number Circle of Life is the one moment on stage that gives you the most goosebumps. Not only is it a sensational musical number that builds into a huge spectacle, but the first sighting of the Lion King’s signature animal puppetry is spellbinding.